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Ceo Telangana provides Telangana New Voter Card, TG Voter ID Card Status, TS Voters List, Form 6, Form 8, Form 7, Form 8A, MLC Elections Voters List, Polling Station wise Voters List, Election Results etc….
Telangana is a state found in the southern part of India, and its capital city is known as Hyderabad. As a state, it has several government bodies which help it to run its Government affairs. Some of these bodies include the CEO Telangana which is the Chief Electoral officer website which is in charge of all the overall supervision and also controls the Electoral Commission in India. The site has a role in monitoring any work related to the conduct of General elections and bye-elections taking place in Telangana. If anyone want to Apply New Voter Identity Card or Voter ID Status etc at website. The state has three arms of government namely, the executive, the legislature and lastly the Judiciary.

As a State, Telangana has government bodies which help in running the affairs of the Government. Among those is an electoral body that is run by the Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana. This office of the Ceo Telangana is under the Election commission of India. That means every direction on any electoral process comes from this body then passed to the Ceo Telangana for implementation. The official web portal is

The function of the office of CEO Telangana is basically to monitor the work connected to the conduct of Elections. Whether general elections or by-elections. This work includes the issuance of Photo Identity Cards to eligible voters, preparing and updating electoral roles, re-organizing polling stations and conducting voters’ education among others as mandated by the Election Commission of India.

Ceo Telangana Homepage

How to apply Form 6 Online Application to Ceo Telangana New voter card in

You must be a registered voter in the State of Telangana for you to participate in any elections held there. You are also required to file an application before the Electoral Registration Officer in the constituency of residence. The application must be accompanied by copies of documents relevant to the application.

In CEO Telangana website most of the applications are made and posted online. This helps to ease the whole process of going to get the forms from the office, fill them in and later take them back to the offices. The following are steps on how one can easily download the form 6;

  • Logon into their website at
  • Navigate to the E-Registration > Assembly Constituency > Form 6 (New Enrollment). Click on it.
  • Then it will be go to this URL:
  • Choose your Preferred Language either Hindi or English
  • Then fill the all required fields as shown in the Application like Name, Surname, Address, Mobile Number, Email ID, Name of District, Upload your Passport size photograph.
  • Click on Submit Button.
  • Your Application is under verification.
  • Wait for few days. If the form 6 application will be approved.
  • You can go to your nearest Mee-Seva center. Take a Print out of your Voter Identity Card.

Your identification card- to proof if you are of legal age and that is between 18 and 21 years of age. You can also use your birth certificate, school leaving certificate or any other legal document showing your age.

Passport- Users are required to attach a passport, driving license, bank passport or any postal letter to show proof of your residence.

There are several ways of filing the application namely:-

  1. Filling in person to the Electoral Registration Officer
  2. Send the application by post
  3. Fill the application online on the website.

Offline Application

  • Log in to website portal then click Telangana New Voter Registration tab.
  • If it’s your first time, you need to sign up and obtain a user name and a password.
  • Upload one colored passport size photo in the space provided. Please note this is not optional. The photo must be clear and recently taken.

If unable to successfully upload all the documents required, the Booth Level Officer will visit your residence offer you his assistance.

How to download Ceo Telangana form 6 from the website and sending it by post

Step 1 – Click forms on the home page.
Step 2 – Click form 6 application
Step 3 – Download the form and carefully fill it. Then stick one passport size photo.
Step 4 – Append your signature and attach: – Your residence proof like bank pass book

  • Proof that your age is between 18 and 21 years.
  • The form should be sent to VREC or your assembly constituency.

5. Download form 6 and personally Deliver

  • Click forms on the home page
  • Click form 6 application
  • Download, fill and stick one passport size photo
  • Proof you are of legal age i.e. between 18 to 21 years

Having done all that, deliver the form personally to your Assembly Constituency or Voter Registration Center.

Filling Process on Form 8 Telangana voter card correction online at

The big question with the online voter’s card applicants has been whether they can change particulars filled wrongly during application. The answer to this question is in affirmative. The Ceo Telangana provides an online platform where voters have a chance to Change the Telangana Voter Card correction or mistakes made during initial application.

Form 8 can only be filled by persons seeking to correct their particulars which have already been printed in the electoral roll. Most people want to correct some of the information they gave out wrongly during application. This means that no other person can fill the form for you beside yourself. The following are ways in which a person can fill Form 8 for correction of the voter in CEO Telangana;

  • Download the Form 8 Application form from the CEO TS official web portal
  • Fill in all the relevant details about your District name, Birth place, and your residential address.
  • Key in your voter’s card details and your assembly constituent.
  • Click on that application form where you want to make corrections, for example, your name or your photo.
  • Go through the form two times to verify that everything you have filled is correct and updated.
  • If all the details are excellent, sign in the given space and then submit your form.
  • The form should be attached to all the relevant documents which need to be submitted to your area ERO, and you will be given the slip. Ensure that you keep the sheet safe since you will be required to produce it to collect your card.

This form, attached with all the necessary documents needs to be submitted to your area ERO or BPO and be issued with a slip. Keep the slip safe as this is what you will use when collecting your card.

How to Know Ceo Telangana voter card status in

Today checking CEO Telangana Voter Card Status has been made easy compared to earlier times. This is because you can do this online without necessarily visiting Elections Office.

Ceo Telangana Voter Card Application Status

The following steps will guide you while checking your voter’s card status

  1. Log into the website at
  2. On the homepage, click on ‘know the status of your application enrollment’ tab.
  3. After clicking on that tab, you will be redirected to an open window where you will fill all details on the form correctly.
  4. From there you will be able to see the status of your voter’s card.

In case you are a new applicant, there is a direct link where you can quickly check your new Id status. The link is Another way to check your status is by using the national voters’ service portal and search for your name in the electoral roll.

How to fill up Ceo Telangana form 7 Online Application (Objection to Inclusion of name) at

Form 7 is only filled by a person who wants their name deleted from being part of the Electoral roll. The application can just be filled after draft publication of the Electoral roll of the constituency to object the inclusion in the draft roll. The following is a step by step process on how applicants can fill up Form 7 online;

  1. Log into the website and download the form which should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency.
  2. Fill in all the relevant details of the person who wants to be removed from the Electoral roll.
  3. You can either show the objected entries in the draft roll in the list of deletion at the time of final publication of the roll or strike out the irrelevant alternative while filling in the form.

Other requirements include

  • Details of the Objector – An objector is a person who can apply in Form 7 concerning people joined in the piece of a discretionary roll just in which he or she is enlisted. He or she should fill in space provided his or her name, relations’ name, Male / Female, the part number of the electoral roll and the serial number given by the Electoral roll when registering.
  • The applicant should also list down the reasons as to why he or she is objecting his or her name on the Electoral roll. Finally, he or she must declare that all the information given out is accurate and relevant.

Process for How to checking Telangana voters list at

Search Telangana Voters List

Voters Election Card or ID card is an essential document in the government of India and it is issued by EPIC (Electoral Commission of India). If you are enrolled in the Electoral Roll of Telangana already, searching your name in Telangana Voters list is a simple process that takes approximately 3 minutes. Below, is a step-by-step procedure of searching your name in the TG Voters’ List or Electoral Roll of Telangana.

There are different reasons why you should take time to search your name in Voters’ List or Telangana’s Electoral Roll.

  • Damaged voter ID Card
  • Lost, Misplaced, or Stolen Voter ID Card.
  • Just to crosscheck the information.
  • If you want to Link Aadhaar No to your Voter ID.
  • Any other Miscellaneous Reason.

How to go about the process of name checking
Before getting down to the business of searching your name in the electoral list, first make sure that you are already registered. This is because; it will be a waste of time after all.

Follow the following guidelines:
1. Visit the Telangana Electoral Roll Website by visiting the following link
2. A new page displays on the screen. The second stage is filling up the following details

  • District Name: Select the name of your District
  • AC Name: Select the Assembly Constituency.
  • House No: Enter your House Number.
  • Name: Key-in your Full Name.
  • Photo Identity Card No: in this sector, you are expected to key in your Epic No.

3. Once all the above details are properly filled in, click on the search icon. If you are a registered member, your name together with your Voter ID Details will display on the screen.

4. This is the complete process of searching your name in the Electoral Roll or Voter List of Telangana.

How to Check Telangana Polling Station wise Voters List in Assembly Elections in

Voters list are published and placed in the Electoral Commission website for all voters to verify their statuses. The voters’ list is very important, and this is because it comprises the names of citizens who are eligible for voting in a particular constituency. The list also ensures that there is no discrimination and the voting process is efficiently conducted as per the constitution. This voters list is mostly updated before the elections start to ensure that every voter has exercised his or her right to vote. This is how to check polling station wise voters list on Assembly elections;

  • Log into the Electoral Commission official website on
  • On the home page, click on the ‘electoral roll and sub-menus will open.
  • Click on the ‘link to voter search’ option which will redirect you to the National Voters Service Portal.
  • Click on the search button, and you will be redirected to a webpage where you are required to fill in your EPIC number and state your residence.
  • Type the Captcha code, click on search and the portal will be able to fetch your records from the Government database and display it.

How to check Telangana MLC elections voter card status (Council constituency) online

This is a simple way of knowing your online status application. This is a simple and easy process that takes less than five minutes to complete. Below is a step by step procedure to follow

  1. Login to the Election Commission Official Website in
  2. Next hit on ‘Know your Online Status’.
  3. Select the ‘Know Your Application Status’ icon and open the page.
  4. Select the correct form and hit on ‘Enter Application’ then click on the ‘Search Tab’.
  5. Click on the ‘Check your Online Voter Registration Status’. All your details will be displayed on the screen.
MLC elections voter card status

You can opt to save the details and print it out for future reference.

Points to note
Do not enter Surnames or Initials when searching for any kind of voter registration details. Instead, type your complete names. This is the only way of ensuring you get accurate results.

If you are searching details for every member of your House Number by numbers this is the procedure to follow. Select the Constituency and key in the first four letters of your House Number in the House Number Field.

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